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title “Bifröstec, who are we?” タイトルバー

“Bifröstec”, the name of our company, is coined from the words “Bifröst” and “Tec”.

“Bifröst”, in the Norse mythology, is the “Rainbow Bridge” between the realm of men and the realm of the gods. Its guardian god, Heimdall, is believed to possess the ability to see beyond the edge of the world and the sensibility of hearing the sound of growing grass. “Tec” means TEChnological heritage we are proud of. By Bifröstec we also intend to signify “BIFROnt of Strategic TEChnologies.

We are facing many unavoidable issues. Declining birthrate and aging society. Explosive progress of globalization and information age. Securing foods, raw materials, energy and environment. All are threatening our lives on world wide scale.

We at Bifröstec all wish to contribute to realize a sustainable society as a company always seeking after truth by sensing the sight of the world’s technological and human science forefront, combining fresh ideas and reserved technologies.

Bifrostec co., ltd. 2-38 Kandajinboh-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan