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title The privacy policy タイトルバー

We recognize private information to be very important. We keep compliance with the Private Information Protection Law, and pledge to conduct all of its business affairs in good faith when we treat private information for our business use.

Bifrostec Corporation Inc.
Effective date : April 1st, 2005

We may collect variety of information such as personal information and/or corporate information through legal and fair means. In this case, we perform our best to collect information restricting to necessary information.

Protection and management
We will treat information with all precautions and take strict measures to prevent illegal leakage and/or unauthorized access by performing protection and management of information.

We will use information fairly and legally when it is necessary for the performance of our business.

Disclosure and delivery to third party
We will not disclose, provide or deposit information to any third party except in following cases.
-In case where agreement with individual or corporation is obtained.
-In case where individual or corporation cannot be identified or specified.
-In case where disclosure is required by law and/or in legal proceedings.

Appropriate application and revision
We will always apply this policy appropriately and also review its contents timely according to current tendency or surrounding environment, and/or business condition of our company. We will revise this policy when it is deemed effective for protection and management of information.

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