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title Our Soliloquy… タイトルバー

We once were in the middle of the blinding economical progress of Japan… We witnessed the economic bubble burst… We participated in the transition of technology from analog to digital… and from the hardware-oriented digital era to more human IT-based age…Several ideas and technologies unfortunately have been left un-productized, we should confess.

But, it’s time to act, as we have always wanted to do deep in our mind… Yes, that is the area covering “humanity” and “energy”…Use the advanced optical and communications technologies, which we have… to create products and services high in quality and deep in thought… products and services to realize a new total system.. you may call it a sustainable society, for the comfort, safety and harmonious ecology for all…

The rainbow bridge of the Norse mythology, the symbol of our philosophy, is the bridge over the reality and the better future of the humanity… The size of our bridge…? Well, our ambition is big… We wish to start crossing the bridge slowly but steadily… on our pace… one step at a time…to realize a utopia for engineers.

The Founders
Dr. Heitaro Nakajima; Chairman ■Dr. Heitaro Nakajima; Chairman
・Past Chairman of the Japan Audio Society
・Leader of pioneering research works at NHK Research Labs, Sony
・Corporation and Aiwa Corporation
・Recipient of the Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese Government for the contribution to the development of CD-DA
・Founder of START Lab Inc., the first launcher of CD-R
・Representative member of the “CDs21 Solutions” Committee
Takao- Ihashi : President ■Takao- Ihashi : President
・Sony veteran of 30 years
・Responsible for virtually all the optical media technology research and launch at Sony
・Collaborated with Dr. Nakajima side-by-side when launching CD-DA and CD-R.
・Doubled business as president at START Lab in 3 years prior launching Bifröstec
・Chairman of the “CDs21 Solutions” Committee
・Representative member of the “Council for Green Product Chain of Optical Discs”
Bifrostec co., ltd. 2-38 Kandajinboh-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan